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Why choose Knauf plasterboard for construction?

Knauf plasterboard panels

Plasterboard is a lightweight panel of gypsum (calcium sulphate dihydrate) pressed between two sheets of paper. These panels are used to construct interior walls and ceilings and are commonly called drywall.

Besides the cost and time benefits of plasterboard, this material also helps buildings to meet local regulations for fire protection, sound insulation and moisture control. Knauf offers three types of plasterboard; regular, fire-resistant and moisture-resistant. These products provide a smooth finish for walls and ceilings and they can be painted or plastered.

The installation of plasterboard is very easy and allows builders to create flat or curved interior walls and ceilings. In addition, plasterboard is environmentally-friendly; it is 100% recyclable which means that it can be processed and reused for new building projects. Knauf drywall is available in standard sizes or the panels can be ordered to your specifications.

These products will allow contractors to build hospitals, schools, housing and public facilities in less time and at a significantly lower price. This makes building more affordable and ensures that deadlines are met. Use Knauf plasterboards for your next construction project and take advantage of German quality with locally-sourced materials.

Knauf is a German manufacturer of gypsum plasterboard that has operations in Tanzania. We use local materials to produce high-quality drywall products for the construction industry. Knauf takes pride in the quality of products and services that we provide to customers.

We have a world-class team of researchers that have developed ecologically-sound structures and earthquake-resistant systems and materials. These construction solutions are internationally patented and are now available to Tanzanian contractors.

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