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Tapered edge versus square edge plasterboards

Tapered edge versus square edge plasterboards

When installing plasterboard in a home or office, there is a need to choose what type of edge the boards must have. They can either have a tapered edge; an angular slope cut out of the edge – or they can have a square edge. There are advantages to both types of edge, so the choice depends on the joint and finish techniques that you’d like to use.

Which one should you use and why does it matter? It depends on whether you are taping and jointing (dry-lining) or skimming the walls or ceiling. If you wish to tape and joint the drywall or ceiling, then a tapered edge board is your best choice. If you want to skim the gypsum board or give it a textured finish, then a square edge is a better solution. 

Tapered edge boards are easier to work with

Both types of edge can be jointed, plastered and painted. However, the tapered edge is easier because of the joint application. You are more likely to get a plumb-level/even finish which leads to far better results once painted. Tapered edge boards also do not need to be skimmed before painting, but we recommend that you skim the surface after two coats of jointing compound (Q2 Level) for a superior finish.

Tapered edges tend to be a better choice for walls and square edges an easier option for ceilings. When square edge boards are jointed without bevelling or scoring the edges to provide space for the joint. A bulb effect can be created in the joint area. This leads to a less desirable finish once the boards have been painted.

Therefore, tapered edge boards are easier and less time-consuming to install. If you are still unsure of which edge detail to choose when using Knauf plasterboards, then contact us today to speak to one of our experts. They will be able to give you technical support as well as good advice for choosing the right product for your particular needs.


Knauf is a German manufacturer of gypsum plasterboard that has operations in Tanzania. We use local materials to produce high-quality drywall products for the construction industry. Knauf takes pride in the quality of products and services that we provide to customers.

We have a world-class team of researchers that have developed ecologically-sound structures and earthquake-resistant systems and materials. These construction solutions are internationally patented and are now available to Tanzanian contractors.

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