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Our Philosophy

As a family company, rich in tradition, Knauf Group has a strong backbone: firm values. It is our conviction that ethics and morals need be present, especially in a globalised and fast-paced world. Dependability, togetherness, and constructive cooperation would not be possible without them. Experience has also taught us that loyalty pays off. The Knauf Group is known for highest product quality, extensive product diversity, and comprehensive support service. With this as our basis, we make perfectly compatible system solutions for construction that live up to the highest demands in innovation, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, performance, and design quality. Our company’s philosophy is also about constantly improving the quality of our products and services through innovative thinking and receptiveness for technological advances. As a company that continues to perfect the fields of construction and refurbishment and make it more efficient, the Knauf Group has, over several decades, developed a reputation that it can be proud of.

Partnership and practical relevance

A key concept of our company’s philosophy is partnership: it is our guide to establishing trusting relationships with our customers and employees. Reworded: we understand the requirements of our partners and of the market. In close collaboration, we develop and improve our products so they are equally suitable for everyday use and practically relevant – in dialogue, strategically adept and holistic. Of course, this also includes the personal, trusting, long-standing connection with our market partners. Knauf knows the market. Its demands, its developments. And the requirements of its customers Knauf can

Our Quality Management

As a globally operating company, the Knauf Group makes a clear and firm quality guarantee: we develop and deliver only top products in the top diversity with the top support service. We pledge to implement a building project – regardless of it’s type, and size – always in the best way possible and in cooperative collaboration with our customers. We are able to achieve this goal because of having an experience of more than a decade. We also have exceptional innovative expertise that meets the ever-changing demands of a dynamic building materials market. As an engine of innovative system solutions for future market and customer demands, the Knauf Group solves problems before they surface. Knauf Group is always setting new trends, giving the construction industry one new impetus after another.

Quality assurance and control systems

It almost goes without saying that our quality management goes above and beyond satisfying construction standards and statutory requirements. Moreover, our main ambition is to make construction easier, quicker, safer, and more efficient for our customers. For this reason, we are always making improved and novel solutions ready for the market. Permanent quality assurance and constant quality improvement are a part of our basic principles. Our high-performance quality management system also helps us. It meets all requirements described in standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We have also been certified by LGA InterCert. In this way, we do more than just grant customer satisfaction with our products. We also gain much valuable knowledge that goes into the development of existing and future products and can be tested during internal and external audits. In brief: Knauf stands for quality. Knauf improves quality and sets new quality standards.