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How to repair cracks in drywall

Gypsum boards (or drywall) are affordable and easy to install. In addition, they are easy to fix if they get damaged. Accidents happen and sometimes drywall gets cracks by being hit with furniture, slamming doors or children playing with toys. Luckily these damages can be repaired quickly with some basic tools and additional materials, such as an all-purpose drywall compound.

Premixed drywall compound can be found in some hardware stores, otherwise regular wall plaster can be used to repair cracks in your plasterboard walls and ceilings. Depending on the size of the crack, it may be easier to replace the entire panel of plasterboard. However, for smaller cracks, these can be plastered over and sealed in a matter of minutes.

Repairing cracks in plasterboard walls

Vertical and horizontal cracks can sometimes appear from the corners of windows and door frames in drywall. Cracks can also be caused by impact damage when moving heavy objects or by bumping into the wall during a fall. Here are the steps to follow to fix these cracks in drywall:

Step 1: Start by smoothing the area around the crack with sandpaper. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and paint filings.

Step2: Use a narrow putty knife to apply a thin coat of joint compound or plaster over the crack. Wait for it to dry then sand it smooth. Repeat this step to apply a second coat for added strength.

Step 3: Paint over the repair to make it invisible to the eye. Remember to carefully match the paint colour with the surrounding wall.

It’s as easy as that. Speak to your hardware store manager to ensure that you buy the correct joint compound – it needs to be compatible with the gypsum board. Feel free to contact us for your plasterboard requirements and additional construction supplies.


Knauf is a German manufacturer of gypsum plasterboard that has operations in Tanzania. We use local materials to produce high-quality drywall products for the construction industry. Knauf takes pride in the quality of products and services that we provide to customers.

We have a world-class team of researchers that have developed ecologically-sound structures and earthquake-resistant systems and materials. These construction solutions are internationally patented and are now available to Tanzanian contractors.

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