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How plasterboard ceilings improve the comfort of a home

Plasterboard ceilings improve comfort of a home

The materials we use to build our homes can impact their safety and comfort. This is especially true when it comes to weather conditions and the level of outside noise. Gypsum board ceilings can improve insulation and minimise the noise in your home, making it a more comfortable living environment.

The Tanzanian climate is quite mild all-year-round, but some days can be extremely hot. Having a ceiling that can keep this heat out of the home and cool the interior is a major benefit for anyone who chooses to install Knauf plasterboard ceilings. This choice can add value to your home and is an affordable option for improved comfort.

Three comfort factors

There are three major areas where plasterboard ceilings will improve the comfort of a house:

1. Thermal comfort – As mentioned, gypsum board ceilings can equalise the interior temperature of a home. This makes the space more comfortable on hot summer days and colder winter nights. The plasterboard creates a barrier that prevents the flow of heat between the roof and the ceiling. This can save you money on heating and cooling as your home will remain at a more moderate temperature all year-round.

2. Noise levels – A quiet home is important for relaxation, concentration and rest. Many people want to return to a quiet house after a long day of work. Plasterboard ceilings help to reduce noise levels by preventing outside sounds from entering the house through the roof. They also act as a sound dampener for interior noises. Noise insulation adds to the sense of security, privacy and comfort of a home.

3. Aesthetic improvements – Gypsum board ceilings can be installed professionally and make a room look much better when painted and finished properly. A room that looks better generally feels better, which improves the comfort. Plasterboard panels can be installed with a seamless finish and then painted to give them a smooth look. Adding a cornice to the perimeter of the ceiling creates a unified join with the wall, which further improves the aesthetics of a home.

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your existing home, consider using Knauf plasterboard ceiling to improve its comfort. Our products use German technology but are made here in Tanzania, using locally sourced materials. Contact us today to find out about our gypsum board products and how they can improve your home.


Knauf is a German manufacturer of gypsum plasterboard that has operations in Tanzania. We use local materials to produce high-quality drywall products for the construction industry. Knauf takes pride in the quality of products and services that we provide to customers.

We have a world-class team of researchers that have developed ecologically-sound structures and earthquake-resistant systems and materials. These construction solutions are internationally patented and are now available to Tanzanian contractors.

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